When offering wireless services to your customers, there are a number of important things to consider before making any decisions about exactly what it is you're looking for in a service package.
  • Wireless Access - To Charge or Not to Charge Charging for access is a powerful way to recoup the costs of a wireless installation; however, offering it for free is a convenience to the customer and can be a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Your Mad River Enterprises Hot Spot can be configured such that your guests connect for free, get charged a small fee or any combination of the two.

  • Wireless Access - The Login Page The WiFi login screen is the customer’s first experience of your WiFi system—a successful entry should be attractive, intuitive, and seamless. Mad River Enterprises creative team has developed an ideal solution.

    Our Virtual Concierge Desk is customizable to suit your business's identity. With our easy to navigate content management interface, you can update your content and imagery in minutes or, if you prefer, our technical and development team will add your content for you. We can also configure your site for dynamic content. Your site will display content based on your region dynamically keeping your login page fresh without overly burdening you with maintenance. Call us for options and pricing.

  • Branding Your Login Page Be sure to consider if your company requires a tighter tie-in with your existing brand. Mad River Enterprises creative is available to provide appropriate and exciting design solutions.

  • Security and Accessibility Only a properly installed wireless network will ensure security for your guests and your business. Mad River Enterprises uses best of class products and ensuring that your business is protected from guests, and guests from each other, while also ensuring your business access is seamless.

  • Local, 24 Hour Support Your guests' experience may be only as good as the support they receive. When providing WiFi, it’s critical that customers can connect—seamlessly, effortlessly and consistently. The Mad River Enterprises technical and development team is dedicated to providing the best of customer care and assistance. Our support team has personal and first-hand knowledge of every customized or re-engineered system—therefore, when you call or mail, you get the very best: No grey areas; only specialized, first-rate assistance right away.