Current Mad River Enterprises Projects.

What follows is a list of Mad River Enterprises projects that are currently underway. Completed projects, as well as those performed under the brandname NOWIRZ, can be found under the Past Projects section.

Past Projects

These projects were completed between 2003 and 2012 while operating under the brandname NOWIRZ

  • UPGRADE & RE-ENGINEER: The Vermont State Capitol Building

    CLIENT: Vermont State Capitol

    OBJECTIVE: Re-Engineer existing site to provide an updated, stable, secure WiFi experience.

    THE CHALLENGE: Implementing a secure network within the 150 year old Vermont Capitol Building, keeping equipment out of plain sight in the historic ares of the building.

    SOLUTION: The existing 80211BG system was replaced by an 80211N system, based on the the HP Pro Curve Mobility Suite.

    OUTCOME: The system is free for all users within the State House and legislative offices. Duncan Goss, Director of Information Technology for the Legislature, says that NOWIRZ "has done a fantastic job on the upgrade, and we look forward to working with them over the next few years to continue providing this valuable service to our legislators, staff, and the public".

    All users within the Vermont State Capitol building receive 24x7 support with no hassles.

  • LARGE MULTI-BUILDING CAMPUS: The Trapp Family Lodge - Stowe VT

    CLIENT: Trapp Family Lodge

    OBJECTIVE: 100% WiFi coverage for a 30 Building Multi-Unit Campus.

    THE CHALLENGE: Trapp Family Lodge consists of over 40 buildings with very little cabled infrastructure available. In fact there are 28 Guest Houses having no cabled infrastructure and as such no broadband Internet services.

    SOLUTION: NOWIRZ brought broadband to these 200 units using ProCurve MSM-320s. With over 60 ProCurve Mobility access points and ProCurve switches. This network has also grown to now serve 3 separate, secured networks over the same infrastructure and has recently upgraded the backbone to using HP ProCurve 802.11n technologies for increased bandwidth.

    OUTCOME: This project was first implemented in April of 2004. Five years later this network is still working strong with minor maintenance, primarily antennas. Over 90% of the originally installed hardware is in place today.

  • RE-ENGINEERING: The Mirror Lake Inn - Lake Placid NY

    CLIENT: Mirror Lake Inn

    OBJECTIVE: Re-Engineer existing site to provide a more stable WiFi experience.

    THE CHALLENGE: Mirror Lake Inn Resort is comprised of several buildings spread across several acres at varying elevations. The interior construction is sealed drywall ceilings and walls without chase-ways. “The challenge at Mirror Lake was maximizing coverage with very few areas to place access points,” said Jay Myrto, NOWIRZ head of Field Operations. “We had to be very creative in radio placement in the most efficient and effective areas to gain maximum coverage.”

    SOLUTION: Using a combination of wireless links, hard-wired backbone, external and internal antenna placement, NOWIRZ found the most effective places to mount antennas while not taking away from the local environment. “We used everything from a bird house to a fake rock,” said Jay Myrto. The first phase utilized existing assets. Soon after deploying new access points, we realized guests would be better served by replacing access points. “I am amazed at how much better the coverage is with NOWIRZ’s hardware and engineering,” exclaimed Keith Hall, IT Director for the Mirror Lake Inn. Over the course of several months the existing assets were removed and replaced with NOWIRZ hardware.

    OUTCOME: Today, the Mirror Lake Inn continues to pride itself on meeting guests’ needs. The relationship with NOWIRZ and the service they provide has far exceeded their expectations. Since installing the NOWIRZ service in August 2005, the Mirror Lake Inn and their guests have experienced hassle-free, uninterrupted WiFi service.

    “Working with NOWIRZ, we are confident that guests will have reliable access to high speed wireless anywhere on the property,” said Carl Gronlund, General Manager for the Mirror Lake Inn. “With NOWIRZ, our wireless access service is truly a value-add amenity for our guests, not a worry. My advice to any hotel or business looking to provide WiFi access is to make sure you work with a company that is going to take the time to understand your business and technology needs and is going to provide the quality 24x7 support your guests demand.”

  • CONDOMINIUM CAMPUS: Highridge HOA - Killington VT

    CLIENT: Highridge Homeowners Association

    OBJECTIVE: 100% WiFi coverage for a 10 Building Multi-Unit Campus.

    THE CHALLENGE: The primary challenge to this campus implementation was one of building penetration. Each building has a unique layout and absolutely no interior chase-ways or access.

    SOLUTION: This campus relies on specialized antennas amplified to varying degrees and very careful antenna placement. “The hardest part about this implementation was testing, testing and further testing,” said Jay Myrto, Field Operations Manager for NOWIRZ. “Placing an antenna just ten feet in one direction or another and adjusting the amplification made the difference between an exceptional signal and an inadequate signal.” Mounting in crawl spaces, running exterior grade direct burial cable, installing electrical outlets: This project used every skill set NOWIRZ engineers had to be successful.

    OUTCOME: Today, the High Ridge Community experiences high speed internet access through-out the entire campus. “Congratulations on a job well done! The login page looks great! I am up here at Highridge for the week and communicating to you wirelessly from my unit through your equipment. It’s working great. Thank you” —John Scala, Highridge Board Member.

    Home Owners and renters receive 24x7 support with no hassles.